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wezm opened this Issue on. 0 all the way up to 4. I' m running mattermost inside a docker container on AWS. Starting Prometheus in Container What did you expect to see? Normal behavior What did you see instead? Under which circumstances? fatal error: runtime: out of memory However, after I run " docker- compose down - v" nning docker on a t2. medium instance orchestrated by Tutum. New relic shows memory usage of 0. 5gb out of 4gb consistently the last 24 hours. Docker runs smoothly with no special log items.

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    Runtime error fatal

    Your structure is awfully inefficient in terms of memory, let' s look at the internals. But before that, a quick reminder of the space required for some go types: bool: 1 byte; int: 4 bytes; uintptr: 4 bytes; [ N] type: N* sizeof( type) ; [ ] type:. Reproducible in 647. 0 Use this test systemd unit: [ Unit] Description= MyApp After= docker. service Requires= docker. service [ Service] TimeoutStartSec= 0 ExecStartPre= - / usr/ bin/ docker kill busybox1. Hi there, I get a fatal error: runtime: out of memory after updating geth to 1. 2 in my docker- compose file. These two screenshots are separated by 1: 30 minute ( attached is video) geth- out- of- memory. Current cmd line flags for docker container. fatal error: runtime: out of memory runtime stack: runtime. throw( 0xfca050, 0x16). You are only running out of memory because Prometheus tries to utilize ~ 4GiB by default.

    fatal error: runtime: out of memory: 38: 53. runtime stack: : 38: 53. throw( 0xf3747c, 0x16). Bug report System info: docker influxdb: 1. 0- beta1- alpine, host system debian, 4G memory 1G swap, Steps to reproduce: influx_ inspect dumptsm. tsm got fatal error: runtime: out of memory Expected. When trying to sync, geth crashes with ' fatal error: out of memory'. My system has 32gb. throw( 0xf536e6, 0x16) / usr/ lib/ go- 1. 9/ src/ runtime/ panic. go: 605 + 0x95 runtime.