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0 Dim FileName1, FileName2 As String Dim Difference As Long ' TestPassCount = 0 ' TestFailCount = 0 ' Retrieve number of records in the. วิ ธี แก้ error no 9 subscript out of range. Resolve a problem of error 9 subscript out of range. Unsubscribe from Yoon Duean Moon? Cancel Unsubscribe. SubscribeSubscribed. You are getting Subscript out of range error error becuase it cannot find that Worksheet. otherwise if you start selecting other worksheets while this code is running you could wind up pasting data to the wrong place. Subscript out of Range error occurs when you try to reference an Index for a collection that is invalid. First off, make sure you have. at the top of your code so you can make sure you don' t mess any of your variables up. This way, everything is dimensioned at the beginning of your procedure. Also, use variables for your.

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    Error subscript number

    The problem is caused because, when you Open a new workbook, you are changing what is the ActiveWorkbook and your code is by default using ActiveWorkbook because you aren' t qualifying your Worksheets collections to. You use a Visual Basic for Applications macro in Microsoft Excel similar to the following code: Sub TestHorizontal( ) ActiveSheet. Range( " CZ1000" ). Value = 1 MsgBox ActiveSheet. Count MsgBox ActiveSheet. このエラーを解決するには; 関連項目. 許容範囲外になるために、 配列の添字が正しく ありません。 An array subscript is not valid because it falls outside the allowable range. ディメンションの添字の最小値は常に 0、 および最上位の添字の. If you move your On Error GoTo errmsg code line above the worksheet activation, the error should be handled by the error trap routine. You just need to exit the sub before reaching the same routine if successful. The problem is - - and the reason for the subscript out of range error - - that there is no 20th rank in DataArr. Dim Res As Integer On Error Resume Next Do Ndx = Ndx + 1 Res = UBound( arr, Ndx) Loop Until Err.