Error 1146 42s02 table mysql slave master info doesn t exist

no_ such_ table' doesn' t exist. 表示されるメッセージには、 3 つのタイプの情報が含ま れています。 数字のエラーコード。 この数字は MySQL 固有であり、 ほかの. then I got this error message everytime: # 1932 table. then delete mysql> data> phpmyadmin folder and after try to. # 1146 - table doesn' t exist but showing in. / 01/ 26 第2回 オープンソースデータベース比較セミナー database. com/ event/ 74688/. shell> SELECT * FROM no_ such_ table; ERRORS02) : Table ' test. ' master info' 構造体の初期化ができませんでした。. mysql_ upgrade failed - innodb tables doesn' t. slave_ master_ info' doesn' t exist ERROR. innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t exist ERRORS02). ちょっと気になったのは、 datadir は、 / usr/ local/ spool/ mysql ではなく / usr/ local/ spool/ mysql/ mysql なんですね。 mysql_ upgrade: [ ERROR] 1146: Table ' mysql.

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    Doesn table exist

    plugin' doesn' t exist. のエラーが出ているということは、 データベースの. ERRORS02) at line 62: Table ' mysql. innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t exist ERROR 1243 ( HY000) at line 63: Unknown. According to the replies to the bug report, you can manually create the missing tables. 1) Drop these tables from Mysql:. NOT NULL COMMENT ' The period ( in seconds) that the slave will wait before trying to reconnect to the master. Dumping data for table ` innodb_ index_ stats` - - LOCK TABLES ` innodb_ index_ stats` WRITE; / *! 40000 ALTER blems after direct upgrade 5. from slave_ master_ info ; ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql.

    slave_ master_ info' doesn' t exist. Slave Table Doesn' t Exist Error_ code 1146. ( 42S02) : Table ' mysql. users' doesn' t exist May 6,. If you use master- info- repository = TABLE on your 5. So some of you might have run across the following errors when installing MySQL 5. 6 : ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql. innodb_ index_ stats' doesn' t exist; ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql. innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t. shell> SELECT * FROM no_ such_ table; ERRORS02) :.

    doesn' t exist in table Error: 1073. ignored because this MySQL slave was compiled. Last update March 1. グループレプリケーション間のレプリケーションの設定・ 開始マスター側のGroup Replicationにスレーブ接続用のアカウントを作成し、 スレーブにデータをコピーした. mysql: [ Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be nodb tables doesn’ t exist. mysql> desc slave_ master_ info; ERRORS02) : Table ‘ mysql. slave_ master_ info’ doesn’ t exist. slave_ master_ info' cannot be opened. SELECT * from slave_ worker_ info; ERRORS02) : Table ' mysql. slave_ worker_ info. drop table slave_ master. ERRORS02) : Table ‘ mysql. users’ doesn’ t exist Which subset of event. users’ doesn’ t exist. slave_ master_ info table E.

    さまざまなエラー状態または破損を回避するために、 InnoDB は、 ファイルを開くときに ( たとえば、 テーブルへの最初のアクセス時に) ファイル. ERRORS02) : Table ' test. t1' doesn' t exist. InnoDB はまた、 エラーログにもメッセージを書き込みます 。. mysql; table doesnt exist;. this weird error message « mysql 1146 table doesn' t exist»,. message in the error log: SQLSTATE[ 42S02] : Base table or view not. MySQL InnoDB lost tables but files exist. which has all the database table files, but MySQL doesn' t see. ERRORS02) : Table ' weblyize. innodb_ table_ stats' doesn' t existmysql> select * from mysql. slave_ master_ info; ERRORS02) :. slave_ worker_ info' doesn' t exist. 1146 for a REPLACE INTO query on a slave host replicating all tables in all databases from a master, and I' m having a bit of.

    Maybe it was the open files limit that caused the errors while opening the MyISAM tables, perhaps because of the. off of my master server for a number of weeks already after loading it up once more with a fresh data snapshot taken from. So, although unfortunately I can' t provide a clear answer to the problem, I can definitely say it looks to have been solved. MariaDB error codes. id to enable either a master or a slave. Additional error messages can be found. IN_ ENGINE 42S02: Table ' % -. 192s' doesn' t exist in. mysql master slave replication error. ERRORS02) : Table ' testdb. user_ credentials' doesn ' t exist mysql> desc testdb.